Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Forrest's 11th birthday

Forrest turned 11 today. He picked money over a party. So for today we had a family party with cake a couple gifts from mom and dad. He will spend his no party money in a few days. This is a graffiti wall cake.

He had 2 candles that didn't blow out. hehehe I guess that means he has 2 girlfriends.

I got him the skateboard and rain boots he wanted, but wasn't really wanting to spend his birthday money on. After he gets his birthday money from Grandma Boehme, Grandma Jensen and Nana he will go shopping with that money and the money he gets from us.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baby shower cake

I through a babyshower last night, and decided to make a cake. I am pleased with how it turned out.

Zipporah lost her first tooth

Not sure if it was a bedtime stall tactic, but Friday night (May 2) Zipporah came upstairs awhile after being sent to bed, and was complaining about her loose tooth hurting. So I told her we could leave it, or I could pull it out now and it would hurt just a little, but then her tooth wouldn't bother her anymore. She agreed to the pulling of the tooth, so I second later, her tooth was out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pulling out the kids teeth and am lucky because I have so many kids, so I have pulled a lot of lose teeth out.

She is happy again, now that her tooth is out. So we put the special tooth fairy pillowcase on her pillow and put the tooth in the pocket and she went to bed.

And this is what the tooth fairy paid her for her tooth. Not too shabby. We really must have a rich tooth fairy. Not sure what she was thinking leaving $5 a tooth with a family full of kids, (sometimes there are many loose teeth pulled out a week) but at least the tooth fairy is paying for the teeth and not me ;)