Friday, April 10, 2009

Owen's 4th birthday

On April 8th Owen turned 4. He was so excited that it was finally his birthday. The last few birthday's were a bit hard for him to sit through someone else getting all the gifts. But his day finally came. We just had a family celebration. Owen had accidentally happened upon a couple of his gifts early so he new a couple of his gifts. So for a few days he kept talking about his the thing costume and stuff.

For his birthday dinner he wanted macaroni and cheese. Nice and easy and not top pricey, just what I like. Though I hate mac and cheese, the kids love it. After dinner we had cake. Chris had an idea to make a 3D Aku cake. Aku is the bad guy from Samurai Jack. It ended up taking longer than I thought to make. I bit harder too. If I had to make Aku again, it would be a lot easier, and turn out better the second time around that's for sure.

Owen doing his Aku face

Attempt 1 to blow out the candles

attempt 2

attempt 3

finally attempt 4 was a success

Don't ask me how to cut it Chris, just cut it!

lots of layers.

Samurai Jack dvd

samurai jack game boy game

2 samurai jack figurines

batman costume. I know it doesn't fit with the samurai jack theme, but he loves super hero's and dressing up as them, so I got him a couple more costumes to have fun with

The thing costume (or rock man as Owen calls him)

his Owen gamecube with samurai jack GC game.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 months

Well I have figured out how to make time go slower and on the flip side of that how to make time speed up. The solution for slowing time down is GET PREGNANT!!! And then of coarse to make time speed up, acquire a new born baby and take in every moment, and before you know it that baby is no longer a baby.

The days were so so so long during my nine months of pregnancy, especially the last 2 months. But now that I have Ezra to hold and cuddle and enjoy, that last two months have flown right by. Ezra now weighs 10lbs 13oz and is 22.5 inches long. That's up for the 6lbs 9oz and 19.5 inches long at birth. His legs are strong enough now that he can stand on them when we are holding his hands. He laughs and laughs, and of coarse with those laughs come major smiling. I was worried about his hearing awhile ago, as he didn't react to sudden loud noises, but Chris reassured me we are just a loud family and he had 9 months in my belly to get used to all our crazy noise. And now as he is getting older he seems to be reacting more to those noises. he can still sleep through most of it though. I love how when I walk in the room and even just say one or two words, he smiles and know it is me and moves his head to see me and keeps looking at me and can't take his eyes off me. And now that he is getting bigger, I am letting the kids hold him more. They all do really well with him, and still after 2 months, continue to beg me to hold him. Ezra loves to talk up a storm, in fact I am sure he has been babbling since about 2 weeks. Just like all the other boys in our house, he will most likely be a talker. But we love our talkers and the stories they come up with are so awesome, and I am sure Ezra will have some amazing stories to share with us that we can understand some day. Right now we just pretend we can understand him so he doesn't feel bad. hehehe

Anyways, enjoy the plether of pictures. He is just so cute, I just can't pick one or two to post, so I always post many. And jsut as a side note, 2 days ago I came across a pile of pictures in a box and was wondering where this picture of Ezra came from. Flipped through the pile and saw him sitting with a 3 year old Zipporah, and realized it wasn't Ezra, but it was in fact Owen when he was a baby. The only reason why I figured it out, was because of how old Zipporah was in the other pictures. So I am going to have to scan it and I will also find a baby picture of Forrest and do a comparison post, because it is amazing to me how much all my boys look so much alike as infants. I guess when you make them perfect, cloning is a good way to go! ;) ;)

I love when he sticks his tongue out!

LOVE this picture

goofy smiles are the best!

these pictures with his frog are size comparison shots I take every month.

this one is just to brag about how strong he is. I am not holding him up, just balancing him.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have had it with these gangs!!

Someone needs to do something about the gangs around here. I can't believe how young they are trying to nab people and con them into joining their gang, vs an another one. Not that joining any gang is a good idea. I am worried for my little ones and the temptation that lurks in corners waiting for them. I am afraid it is a losing battle keeping my kids out the wickedness. I can only hope that my kids all join the same gang so I don't have to worry about gang fighting within my home. One has already made their chose, I am sure the rest aren't too far behind.

Mascara attack

That darn mascara strikes again! Only this time I took pictures. Seems all my girls have had their turn being attacked by my mascara, and Calliope, as to not break tradition, took her turn this week! I think she was using it like lipstick or something, as it isn't even close to her eyes. She is still a little beauty, even covered in black/brown. hahaha

Real clothes atlast!!!!

man, I am behind!! OK, this was Ezra's first time to wear real clothes and not just sleepers. so so so excting!! This was a couple Sunday's ago and he wore this outfit to church. The little shoes are so so cute. Both the shirt and the shoes are from my sister Livi. He is getting so big so fast!