Thursday, February 26, 2009


I found these at Micheal's on Monday while getting a cake pan. So I decided they would make a fun Family Home Evening treat! The kids did have fun with them and we got a few laughs in as well.

The Crew minus Ezra who is jsut too little for treats

Had to add this one, since it was total fluke that I got this shot, she puckered just at the right time









Happy Place!

I can only assume that this is Owen and Calliope's happy place, since they were just so stinkin' happy to be in that particular place. Calliope discovered it first and then Owen came and had to join her. They played in there while I was doing the dishes. Guess they just love me so much they have to be near me all the time. LOL!!!! I thought they were so cute laughing and playing in the cupboards that I had to run get my camera.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 week pictures of Ezra

I just thought I would post some pictures of Ezra that I took when he was 3 weeks old, before he hits one month old on Saturday. He has started laughing a lot and gives us tons of smiles. He is also really recognizing us and noticing us. I am slowly letting the kids hold him more, but it still makes me nervous. hahaha

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buzz boyz!

Well, all the curls are gone! First Chris buzzed his head, he does so every so often. Then out of no where and to our surprise, Forrest decided he needed a hair cut, so Chris buzzed Forrests hair. Then a few days later, Owen says he wants to buzz his hair so he can have hair like Forrest and dad. I took some pictures with Ezra and them, because now ALL the boys have the same hair. I purposely posted some before pictures first. Chris likes to have fun with the boys and some of the pictures of the hair cuts are gross! LOL!!!!

Owen, Chris, Forrest and Ezra

This is Owen before his first hair cut. We did cut his curls down a bit a couple weeks before the bug buzz.

This is how long Owen's hair was right before the clippers got it.

Here is some gross stuff. hehehe As you can see Owen think it is great!

And some more super gross stuff. Nice mullet!

Ok, I posted of Forrest with Ezra cuz that's the most recent before his cut. As you can see, Forrest has a nice puff of curls on his head. His curls are super tight and curl back, so he never has hair on his forehead.

umm yeah, gross again! HE wanted to keep it, I said no, and.....

then he came out like this. He got to keep it until the next morning. And it was Sunday the next morning. He came upstairs quietly showered and went back down without a sound, hoping Chris and I would forget until it was too late. But alas, we didn't forget and Chris did shave it off before church.

And just one more after of the two boys!
Oh and Owen was so worried that his curls would grow back. The next morning he came in my room and said "my curls didn't grow back mom, my curls didn't grow back" and he was so happy about his curls still being gone. I did tell him they would eventually grow back, but it would take awhile.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ezra's 2 weeks old already

I am always so amazed at how fast time goes, after a baby is born. Seems like the last few weeks of pregnancy drag on F-O-R-E-V-E-R, but time somehow speeds up, once the baby arrives. Ezra is amazing and we all just love him so much. Every morning Calliope comes into our room and says kiss kiss, and she has to give Ezra a kiss on the head. And of coarse she kisses his head a million times through out the day. She sure loves baby Ezra. Owen keeps letting me know how much the "new born baby" loves him. And all the other kids want ot hold him and they are all so great at helping out if I need it.

Poor little Ezra still has that grumpy look a lot, but I promise he is not a grumpy baby. He is a such a delight. He was having some daddy time today and he smiled and then laughed and even kicked his leg in delight.