Friday, November 12, 2010

Living apart for awhile

I am sad to say, Chris moved out on Friday, November 12th. We decided that it might be best for us to live a apart for awhile. We are still working on us, in fact our hopes are that it will be easier to figure things out, not living under the same roof. The day before while he was packing was so hard, and the day he moved was even harder. Chris drove me to his place before he had to go to work so I could see it and he should me around. Lets just say I have been crying a lot. I hope and pray that eventually things will work out. The last week and a half since we had decided he was moving out, we have been getting a long really well and I feel we are friends again. We are going to be dating and finding some common ground and hopefully Chris will move back home in a few months. We never dated before we married, so maybe this is us going backwards a bit. I don't want to give a lot of details as it is pretty much between Chris and I, but I will say this was a decision we both calmly made together and we are both determined to make things work. He lives just on the other side of town. The kids have taken it really well, they are actually pretty excited about dad having his own place and they can go on sleep over there. Chris is around lots and will be around lots. We don't want the kids to suffer in any way as much as we can control. Chris is taking me out for dinner tonite and a movie. I haven't been to the movie theatre in 4 years. crazy I know, but I have reasons ans excuses every time, but decided since Chris asked me out on a date, I figured no excuses, I need to go with him.

1st of three loads taken yesterday. He took another load today. He has lots of stuff. LOL!!

Taking his suitcase, that I snuck in it a small framed picture of me and him kissing at our wedding. wonder if he has found it yet. :)

He has the love seat, I have the couch.

Chris's new living room


spare room/ kids room

laundry room


Chris's bedroom. hahaha single bed

house from outside. yup he lives in the trailor court.

Get the record books!!!!!!

So Forrest has never been one who liked to go to bed. I think he really likes to say, he stayed up until such and such a time. Lately he has had giant bags under his eyes, almost looks like he has black eyes, yet he still refuses to go to bed. He does eventually go to his room, but he has mastered keeping himself up. So the other night, when we noticed he had fallen asleep just before 7pm, we had to take pictures and document. That's a major record for earliest he has been asleep!!!!

Halloween 2010

Halloween in Raymond was so much nicer. Most the kids just went off and I didn't have to worry. The older ones had a blast being dropped off at the other end of town and then making their way back. And so nice that Raymond did trick or treating on the Saturday, since Halloween was on a Sunday this year.


Forrest ~ Emu

Daisy ~ Cave woman

Lynnette ~ Gangster

Abigail ~ Goth

Zipporah ~ She devil

Sydney ~ Vampire bride

Owen ~ Caterpillar

Calliope ~ Unicorn

Ezra ~ Tiger

Daisy's 13th birthday

Daisy had a big birthday party this year!! The girls all had a blast. We had a pizza movie party. Lots of pizza and snacks and games!!! Daisy turning 13 means 2 teens in this house! yikes!!! She turned thirteen on the 26th of October, but we had her party the Friday before.

Daisy and a couple friends decorated the basement

present time

having fun

chocolate bar cake