Monday, June 29, 2009

Snake Pit

Here is another cake I made. It was Chris's idea to add the tongues to them and I think it made the cake so much better.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First cake for pay

First off, sorry these pictures are so yellow, my good camera is sadly broken and so I am having to use a less than great camera and for what ever reason I got yellow pictures last night.

This cake is my first cake I made and charged for. (other than last year a friend insisted on paying me and since I refused she bought us a fan so we wouldn't be so hot) A little more stress cuz when I do them for free I think, well if they don't like it, thats ok, cuz it was free. I think it turned out good and she said she really liked it. It was for a 2 year old girl's birthday party. I did have some drama with it though. During the night the head fell off and was not in good enough shape to just put it back on. So after the kids left in the morning I had to make it again, but out of only fondant. But they said it arrived to the party all together so in the end it worked out.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 cakes in 7 days

Well I guess I have had a busy week. because on top taking care of house and home and all my mom duties, I made 6 cakes in one week. Though I didn't feel stressed or anything and most cakes were last minute decision cakes or decided to do with less than 48 hours to needing the cake. The first cake is a birthday cake for my really great friend Colleen. The 3rd and 4th cakes are the same kind of cake. Zipporah and Sydney were doing class presentations in each of their classes on family heritage. They were supposed to talk about where our family came from, traditional dress, or bring an item that has been passed down, etc. etc. Well our family has been here for so many years, we really don't have any thing passed down, or much I could have them tell the class. So that night both Sydney and Zipporah before bed talked about having to do this special show and tell and I could sense they were worried because I didn't offer nay ideas. After they were in bed, I started to think about what in the world they could do. Then I read the sheet again and it said for a suggestion about talking about how we celebrate special occasions such as birthdays etc. So I thought special cakes. So at 8pm I started baking cakes, and pulled out my 2 hour birthday cake book. So after cakes were baked and cool (thank goodness for the freezer) I got the cakes done. The 4th one is for my friend Melanie. We took her out for her birthday dinner and Marissa and I surprised her with her own birthday cake. The 5th one, I am not sure can really be counted. I just put the left over batter in a pan and baked it, then stared the icing on. It says Rissa ricks. I gave it to Marissa. hahaha it is very poorly done, but still tasted good I am sure!!!! The last one is a birthday cake for Michelle. Melanie had asked me Wednesday night after her birthday dinner if I would make a cake for Michelle. So that night she emailed me a picture of what she wanted. I got it done Friday night and Melanie delivered it this morning. I love my bananas. They turned out so well!!! I hope I need to make them again.

So after my week of cakes, I decided it is time to make cakes for others and for some extra income. So not starting my own real business, as this requires a separate inspected and approved kitchen, but I am making them for people who ask and I have a base price and am having people tell me what they want then I give them a price and they can decide if they want me to make it or not. I already got one cake booked and I just started to tell people this today.

I can't believe how much I love making cakes. Like seriously crazy love it. After I made my bananas yesterday and they turned out so awesome, I think I was on a little high. LOL!!!! And I just love how I am getting better and better.

Colleen's birthday cake

Zipporah's presentation cake

Sydney's presentation cake

and just in case you think it is the same cake

Marissa's cake so she knows how awesome she is. hehehe

Little Bo Peep

her sheep
finished cake

Michelle's birthday cake

close up on the monkey

banana close up

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forrest's stitches

Monday night Forrest ran past a garbage bag that just got taken out of the can and tied, but hadn't been taken outside yet. Apparently he had put some glass in it that morning without putting it into something else first. He got quite the gash. He screamed in horror until I told him it was serious and he needed stitches and called for Chris to take him to the ER. Funny kid. The worst past for Forrest was when the guy was cleaning his cut, I guess he was scrubbing it clean. Probably had to make extra sure it was clean considering how he was cut with glass from the garbage.

the cut

getting the numbing needle

All stiched up

Play Structure

We finally got the kids a play center. We did have one before we moved up here, but gave it to my sister since we didn't want to move it. If we move, we will be taking this with us, no more leaving them behind. Some wonderful friends of ours, the Lopez's came and helped Chris. Antonio is an amazing crafts man, so with his help things went quickly. The kids love it, they are outside all the time and not just messing around in the garage. It is great. There is even a picnic table under on of the forts, so handy!

getting started

fort part done

putting swing together

woohoo its done!!!! Chris testing out the swing! hahaha

Ezra's first time down a slide.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sydney's lost tooth

This is actually her second tooth. The first one I wasn't around when she lost it, then it got lost lost. I was a bad mom and she didn't get the tooth fairy for awhile on that one. But htis time I made sure the tooth fairy came that night. So funny she has one lost on the bottom and now one on the top and no sign of an adult tooth coming anytime soon.

the tooth fairy pays WAY too much for a tooth in my house. Good thing we only have 9 kids. LOL!!