Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lynnette is 9

After the kids have their 8th birthday party, they have a choice of no party and we take them to Toys r us (or wherever they want to go) to spend $100. on whatever they want, or they can have a small pizza party with friends and they have to be incharge of the party. Lynnette decided on the money and she did well at scoring for her presents. Chris and I also gave her a blow dryer and a straightener for her birthday gift from us. Everything else in the picture she picked herself and of coarse all the others are envious!! But Lynnette is extremely nice and has been sharing them with her siblings.

Cake class coarse 3 final cake

This is my final project for my coarse 3 cake class. It is covered in fondant icing and the roses and leaves are made by me with fondant icing as well. I loved making the roses and spending time preparing everything for this cake. This is the reason I decided to take the cake classes. I wanted to learn to work with fondant better and I am so happy with my final cake. Our final class was Wednesday, December 5th and we will not take the fondant and gumpast coarse until January. I am very excited for that class aswell. I have just learned so much from taking these cake classed, I love it!!!! I have always enjoyed making cakes, but now I love it even more. I am planning on making a couple cakes for Christmas, so I will make sure to post pictures of them as well after Christmas.

Christmas concerts

Well 5 of the kids had a Christmas concert this year. On Tuesday December 4th, Zipporah, Sydney, Lynette and Abigail's classes each sang a song, and on December 5th Forrest sang with his school choir he is in. Both were really great and all the kids did so well!!!

Calliope 9 month pictures

Calliope is just growing up so fast. She started crawling about a month ago and she loves to babble. She is now pulling herself to standing and can shuffle very very slowly along the couch, though she usually gets too tired before she gets too far. hehehe Calliope has 4 teeth now. Two front teeth on the top and the two front teeth on the bottom. She loves fruit and chicken. Anything with chicken and she gobbles it up. And now that she is crawling she likes to sit by me when I do dishes or cook supper. Calliope is such a joy and we just love her so much. We are so blessed to have her in our family.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Final cake coarse 2

I forgot to post my final cake I made for my coarse 2 in the Wilton cake classes I am taking at Michaels. I love love love these classes and have just started coarse 3. I made it for Peggy's birthday. Everyone just loved it!! I was a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed making the flowers. They are made of royal icing so they are very hard, but that didn't stop my kids from enjoying them. Nothing like a hard sugary snack, I guess!!! LOL!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daisy's 10th birthday

Well usually 8 is the last birthday party. After that the kids get a bunch of money and Chris or I take them shopping and they can buy whatever they want. Well I since decided that they can take the money, or have a pizza party with friends. So Daisy picked a party and so she was in charge. She did so well planning games and keeping the party going. She is usually quite intimidated by so many peers, but she did so well at her party. I am so proud of her. She is growing up so fast. She wanted a daisy cake for her birthday cake. I enjoy making it and now that I have done stars with icing at cake class I am no longer scared to do them. I really like how her cake turned out and one friend at her party told me it was the best cake she had ever tasted. hehehe

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Autumness take 1

We took the kids to get some pictures taken in the autumness before all the leaves fell to the ground. The kids had so much fun just running around and posing for pictures. And let me tell you it is not so fun for mom to take group pictures of her 8 little kids!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Autumness take 2

Here are the rest of them......

Friday, September 28, 2007

A birthday party finally!!!

Zipporah and Sydney finally got their birthday party. Zipporah turned 5 August 19th and Sydney turned 5 on September 10th. Though we celebrated each individually on their special day as a family, I hadn't done a friend party with them yet. I decided to wait a bit, so that they could invite a few of their kindergarten classmates. So yesterday afternoon, friends from church and school arrived and we had a party for them. The kids had so much fun playing together, that they were only interested in playing one game I planned. The cakes were a hit and I was delighted with how they turned out.

Cake classes

Me and my friend Marissa started taking cake decorating classes this month. Our first course we decorated 2 cakes and a bunch of cupcakes. The classes are really fun and even though I have been decorating cakes for my kids birthdays for years, I have been learning alot. I plan on taking all the cake decorating classes they offer at Micheals. Course 2 started beginning of October, can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Calliope has a tooth

Calliope got her first tooth today. What a trooper. She showed no signs of teething at all. No runny nose, no fussiness, no nothing, except she has been liking to chew on things alot. So today she was just snacking on my finger while I was doing my visiting teaching and I could feel her tooth. At almost 6 and a half months, she is my youngest to get a tooth.

Corn Maze

On Saturday we decided to take a fmaily outting to the Edmonton corn maze. We went with the Hamilton's and had a great time. Of coarse, only us adults got lost. We got to marker 7 and couldn't find number 8. We found 7 again about 10 times, then oh no, crap there is 6, so back we went. Around this corner, left here right there, dead end. I am sure we have been here before. Finally after about 25 minutes stuck at 7, we found marker 8. WOOHOO!!!!! Poor little Owen got so tired, so I did what any mom would do, put him on my shoulders and he had a great time. We are definately going again next summer!!!!

here it is

ok, so I have been envious of everyone elses blogs, so I decided it was time to start one for my family. Hopefully I can keep up with it, and have enough interesting things to share.

see you in the blog!!!!