Sunday, January 17, 2010

Easy bake pies

We decided to try pies in the easy bake. So I made mini pies for the oven and micro mini pies for the easy bake. The first pie ended up taking so long, we just baked the rest in the oven with the mini pies. LOL!!!

3 micro mini pies

4th mini pie

almost ready

ready to be baked

waiting to take their turn in the easy bake, though in the end they never got that turn

Lynnette baking the pie

Abigail and Kiki baking some cookies before the pies

Finished pies, the one in the metal pan is the one baked in the easy bake

All the pies! YUMMY!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas all worked out in the end at our house. With Chris loosing his job unexpectedly the beginning of November, I was really worried about how it was going to work out. We couldn't have had Christmas without Peggy, she had given us some Christmas money and it was enough to make sure everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had also bought the girls a bunch of dresses in the summer so that was a real bonus not having to buy dresses in December. This year it was just our family. We bought a 34.6 pound turkey from friends of ours that raise organic turkey's for Christmas. I slow roasted it and basted it every 30-45 minutes. It was the most delicious turkey we have ever had. We are sold. Next year we are going to buy 2 and make sure our one for Christmas is over 40 pounds. We also cut the wings off before baking that we cooked up later, but I will post about those later. It was a great no stress relaxing Christmas day.

Stockings the kids thought were going to be filled

stockings that were actually filled. Santa is so sneaky.


Ezra wanting to climb on the presents!

Ezra loves these balls. He can stick his finger in them and they don't roll away!

Calliope and her new pony Clip-clop

Calliope loves her babies!

Pirate meestygaw

DJ Owen

Sydney with a couple of her dresses. The girls got three matching dresses

Zipporah with some of her dresses

I think she is happy!

light bright

new skates. The four older ones got new skates

Abigail and her cd player

another easy bake. The one she got last year broke and she really wanted another one.

Lynnette's new CD's

new hoodie and shirts

Daisy's new CD's

ya, umm Forrest can't ride this at all yet. Guess he has a lot of practising to do in the summer

homemade stuffie. made by mom!

best picture of me EVER!! hahaha oh well had to get a picture to prove I was there.

these kind of books are awesome.

Santa gave him cowboy boots