Sunday, June 1, 2008

The big cut

Oh man, I must admit cutting my hair was super super scary for me. I have had long long hair for years. I think it has been about 9 years since I had my hair short, and that didn't last very long and before that cut I had long hair for years and years before. I have to confess, I used my hair to hide. I figured if I did it nice, then people would see the hair and maybe not my fatness or something crazy mental like that. But the time has come and I needed/wanted a change. So I took a deep breath and sat in the chair and my visiting teacher Sheila gave me a cut. It was very nerve racking at first. But in the end I love the cut. It is taking some getting used to though. Like this morning while washing my hair I used WAY to much shampoo and it was so weird washing my hair. It felt like I had almost no hair. Chris is getting used to it too. All my kids love it and all my girls want their hair cut the same way, but I told them it would be too weird if we all had the same hair cut. At church today you could hear screaming several times as people realized I cut my hair. Everyone seemed to absolutely love it and told me how great it looks and that it really suits me, so hopefully they weren't lying. hehehe

So here it is, no more hiding behind my hair. I must admit it is great to be able to do my hair quickly.

Here is the before, just so you can see the length.

And now the after...... side

Front....... I really am happy, I had just recently woken up from a much needed Sunday nap. Naps are few and far between for me, so it was a nice treat!!!!

And the back!

New addition

Introducing the newest member of our family........ PENNY!!! She is a white chihuahua and the perfect dog. She is a perfect little lap dog, though truthfully I should say boob dog as she loves to climb up and lay down on my chest. Who can blame her, I am sure they make for a nice soft and squishy bed. LOL!!!!!!! She came litter trained as a nice added bonus. She is slowly getting used to sleeping beside my bed, though she still likes to whine to get in the bed. But no way. She tries her hardest to just up on the bed, but poor things, she is just too small. When Penny is full grown she will only be about 3 or 4 pounds. I think right now she is only one pound, give or take a few ounces. The kids love her and sometimes love her too much, but hopefully soon the luxury of a new dog will wear off and I won't have to worry so much about Penny getting invaded by little humans.

Her is Penny resting on Chris's shoulder. She really loves to be up on our shoulders, not sure why, but she seems to like being up high.

So cute and so tiny!!!! We just love her!!!

Abigail is 9

Abigail turned 9 on May 22nd. So cute about the cake. I asked her to look through my books and pick a cake she wanted for her birthday cake. She came up to me and said she wanted the bug cake. I questioned her by say "the bug cake?" She said "yes. The one with the bugs in the house" I thought about it for a minute and then it came to me " You mean the smurf cake? Those aren't bugs, they are smurfs" I had a bit of a laugh. I must be getting old.

This is really what I call and smurf knock off cake, since they don't quite look like real smurfs dispite all my efforts to make them look good. But not too bad I suppose and she really liked it.

Abigail got 3 Hannah Montana/Myley Cyrus cd's from mom and dad. And with her birthday money she bought a nintendo DS and a cooking momma game for it.

Dad is 60

Dad turned 60 this year, so mom through a surprise party. All of us kids were there and our families, except one brother and his family, so pretty good turn out. My grandma came and a couple of my dads siblings were also able to make it.

I made this canoe cake for him. I think my dad and brother will be going on a canoe trip together beginning of September .

This is a photo book my sister Livi made for dad. She spent a lot of time gathering pictures from everyone and putting it all together. The book is great and dad cried as soon as he unwrapped it. The cover picture is my dad in Finland. He served a mission there and always wanted to go back, and was finally able to when they dedicated a temple there, just last year.