Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No job

I got a call this morning, they decided to go with someone who has "in school" experience. blah!! I lose a cooking job to someone with no cooking experience. Jim Ralph, the RHS principle, said he really wanted to hire me. My resume was very impressive as well as my work history etc., and he said I did really well in the interview and he even commented on having the right personality for the job and stuff, so I was successful at portraying who I am in that interview, which is nice. He offered some advice to go and get on the EA (education assistant) sub list. That way I get that in school experience I guess and then the board can't pass me up next time. Jim said that if I decide to go that route, to let him know when I am on the list, and I will be the first one they call. Sometimes it might not be in the foods class, but that's ok. I am wondering if he thinks I was the one who could help them really get their vision of what they want the program to be, but the board had final say. They would have had to pay me more too, cuz I am certified! grrr to school politics.
So I decided to start that process and I may return to school. The Lethbridge College offers all their coarse through distant learning so it makes it more doable for me. It is nice to know I did everything right, and didn't loose the job because I sucked at the interview or something like that. So frustrating cuz the job would have been perfect, both in when I worked and the type of job. I am going to let them know that I am willing to volunteer to help with banquets and I will even volunteer my time to go into the class room and show the kids some hands on learning so they don't have to watch as many youtube videos. I may just have to force my way into that position!! hahaha

I am still trying to figure out my next steps but EA sub and College are looking like a good option.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Job interview

Today I had my first job interview in over 15 years. YIKES!!! Sadly life has gotten to the point where both Chris and I are needing to work. I had always planned on going back to work once my youngest was in school, just like part time or something. Right now my youngest is 20 months, so a few years early. But I have an amazing family and my sister in law, Felisha, will be watching the younger kids and my mom and sister, Livi, have said they would help out where ever I need. I applied for a "Education Assistant in the Culinary Arts" for the Raymond High School. Mom happened across it one Friday in the local weekly paper, which I never really read. The dead line to apply was the following Monday at noon. Livi and her husband Jim helped me make my resume awesome and Jim wrote up a cover letter that is fantastic, Sunday night, and got it emailed out at midnight! Monday morning Jim decided it might be nice if we could get a copy to Cardston in person. So after calling and leaving messages, my dad got a hold of me at 11am and I ran to my brother Kipp's and printed everything out, with a quick stop at Livi's for a big envelope she wrote the address on and met my dad in Welling at 1120am. He made it to the office in Cardston at 11:55am!! WOOHOO!!! Took major family team work, but it got done. I got a call the Friday following to come in for an interview, Tuesday the 28th at 9am. YAY!!!! I made a sad attempt at buying something that would be good for an interview. I am queen of frumpy moms, and though I quite like my relaxed, easy, comfy, frumpiness, it is not appropriate for an interview or work place. Luckily my parents are awesome!! My mom came over Monday morning to see what I had and decided she needed to take me shopping LOL!! So int he end we returned what I had gotten and she bought me about $400 worth of clothes. She said I need stuff for when I get the job, and she is right. My parents are not wealthy and I know this is a sacrifice for them and I appreciate it more than I can express. I never in a million years would have done this for myself. In fact I never have tried on as many clothes in my whole life as I did in one afternoon. But we found some great stuff and I felt really confident going into the interview, because I new I looked good and put together. Oh I should also mention, dad gave me a blessing Sunday night. The interview went really well I think. There were 6 people in the room interviewing me eeek!!! The interview ended up being for 2 jobs. Both Raymond and Magrath are needing to fill the same position, so they did all the interviewing together and asked me if I would be open to a job in Magrath as well, which I said yes. Both schools are looking to really grow the culinary programs and with my education and work experience background, I know I can really help in that growth. And they are looking for someone to help make it fun for the kids, but still where they are learning and getting stuff done, and I know I can do that as well. I just hope I was able to show them my personality and who I am in that 20 minute or so interview. From growing up in Raymond, I new 2 people interviewing, so it made me more relaxed I think, though thanks to the priesthood blessing I am sure, I wasn't nervous, just really hoping I was answering their questions good and was able to get my answers out the way I wanted. I will know by noon tomorrow at the latest if I got one of the jobs or not. I am sure praying for the job. If I have to go to work, which I do, this is the ideal job. The hours match my kids at school and it is in the culinary arts, where I am very comfortable.

So here is a sample of the clothes I got, the clothes I wore to the interview. Firstly, my shoes. My kids were laughing adn so excited I now own high heels. Wedge heels I think they are called. I got two pairs of shoes, these are the ones I wore to my interview.

this picture isn't that great, as I was in a hurry to get going and my camera was acting up for some reason, but you can see my outfit none the less.

and this is me after I got home!! hahaha

Oh and I should note how funny I think it is, that I was going to an interview to present who I am to them, but I was wearing clothes like I haven't ever owned before, high heeled shoes which I never wear and painted toe nails, and a borrowed purse!!! LOL!!! Oh and I got my hair cut and styled by my neighbour hair dresser Carrie, something else I never do. Oh well, I think I like wearing nice clothes after all. I may have to clothes shop for me more often.

So hopefully my next post will be self taken pictures of a super happy mommy who just got a job!!!!

My name is Crystal

This morning, my little Calliope informed me that she is Crystal. She said, "my name is Crystal now". I said to her, oh you want to change your name and we call you Crystal and she replied, yes, her new name is Crystal. I thought she would forget before long, but she told the kids at lunch today that her name is Crystal now. hahaha Wonder if she will remember tomorrow that her name is Crystal. And here is a couple photos of Crystal, this is her self picked out outfit for today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally caught up!!!!

Well "Jensen Crew" blogger readers, I have finished updating my blog with a total of 25 enteries in just a few days, so enjoy and happy reading and catching up on me and mine!!!

Cousin Arianne's wedding cake

Just this past weekend I made my first cupcake wedding cake. In fact, I think it is the first time I have decorated cupcakes. At least since being an adult. weird but true. All the white detail is hand done no template!

Ezra's toe meets can of 6 bean mix

Ezra likes to open my pantry and play with the food. September 17th was no different. Only this time a nice big can on six bean mix, landed on his toe and cut open the skin on his big toe. It was horrible. He screamed and screamed and screamed and for awhile there was little I could do to console him. Makes me so sad. I can't even imagine how much that must have hurt him and am floored that the can didn't break his toe as well.

first of this is the can it is a 540ml can. yikes! and just to compare a can of campbells mushroom soup is 284 ml

Ezra's painful toe!

when I put him to bed that night and saw his toe again, I thought that maybe I should have taken him in for stitches.


daddy comforting Ezra

We gave Ezra tylenol and he sat on my lap for a long long time and wouldn't give up the bottle of tylenol, after awhile he started sucking on it, for comfort I suppose. poor baby.

this is his toe 3 days later, so healing up nicely, didn't need to take him fo rstitches after all.


On Saturday, September 11th, both Zipporah and Sydney were baptised. I am so proud of them. This summer they have become amazing friends. Their birthdays are just three weeks apart. This summer, one day, they were both complaining of having no one to play with, we had just recently moved to Raymond, from Stony Plain and they new very little people. So I took the opportunity to explain to them how lucky they were to always have a friend near by to hang out with. That they were very lucky to be so close in age, cuz that meant they have a always friend. And that they are even more lucky, cuz they already share a room with that friend and are sisters closer in age than most. They took to that like nothing else and have been buds ever since.
They were so lucky also, to be able to share a baptism day. I made the dresses they were baptized in and bought dresses for after. I finished their dresses, pretty much as they were walking out the door. It was a busy morning of food prep for the lunch afterwards and making sure the get their dresses done.
The day was very nice. My dad was able to baptise and confirm both the girls. My sister Tisha gave the baptism talk and Grandma Peggy Jensen gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, both were great and did amazing jobs. I was even able to get both girls changed just as my dad was walking out too. I told the bishop I was going to get them changed fast and I did, and he even commented on that. hahaha

The girls with my dad in their baptism dresses. I can't believe I didn't get pictures of each of them alone, sheesh!! But anyways, I made matching dresses for the girls with the only difference being the ribbon used for the bows on the bottom part of the dress and used different material for the tops.

Sydney and Grandpa

Zipporah and Grandpa

Chris and I with the girls

Chris and I with Sydney

Chris and I with Zipporah

All the family

Zipporah and Sydney with their good friend Rees, who is also our next door neighbour.

the girls hair. These pictures of their after baptism dresses were taken the next day before church. I had forgotten to take them the day before. My dad is in the ward before us and we even say them leaving as we were coming to church, but my dad showed up as we were taking these so he got in a few as well!!! So happy for that!

best friends



This is my favorite picture. I am going to blow it up and frame it for each of the girls, as well as my dad.

6:30 am wake-up call

I went to bed late, the night of Friday, September 10th. I was busy trying to get both Zipporah and Syndey's baptism dresses made. I make dresses for my girls to be baptized in, I like my girls to be baptised in dresses and not the jumper suit thing they provide. Then each girl has a dress to keep to have her girls wear for their baptisms if they like. I didn't get quite done, as making two dresses is more work than making one. I think I started them Tuesday and worked a bit each evening on them. I went to bed and decided I would wake up a bit early and finish up the dresses and hopefully be done them before the baptisms at 1230 pm on the 11th. Well, there hardly is ever a need to set an alarm in this house, as someone always comes into my room by 7am if not earlier. So here it is, 630am, Chris and I were both abruptly woken out of our sleep by a loud crashing noise. We both startled up and looked at each other. "what was that" I said. "Not sure" says Chris, "it's probably just some pots and pans". We both get up to check things out. Chris stops in the bathroom first, this is when we discovered what the noise was.

That's our bathroom mirror, all shattered to pieces. So glad no kids were in the bathroom when it happened.

oh man, glass in the tub too. It chipped the tub in two different places, so glad no child was in there bathing.

the wall where the mirror used to hang

The glass was really thick glass too, so could have done a lot of damage to a person, easily

I originally thought that the wire connected to the back must have snapped and that's why it fell, since I could see it was snapped, but upon further investigation, you know CSI agent Holly on the case, that isn't what happened. The mirror was being held up by two hook, the kind that are nailed into the wall by small brass nails, that the wire was hanging on to. Well the nail on the left side (if looking at the mirror) tore down the wall. The hook and the nail are still in 100% good condition, but the wall it torn about 3 inches. CRAZY!!! And the night before there was no sign whatsoever that the mirror was in any danger of falling, wasn't tilted or anything.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Syndey is 8

Syndey's big day was September 10, 2010. We didn't have a big birthday breakfast, cuz that morning the school was having a pancake breakfast for all the students and all the kids wanted to go. So Sydney was extra lucky and got to have her birthday breakfast with the whole school! At lunch Chris took her to subway and for supper we had carbonera. Family came a bit later and we had cake and ice cream and she opened presents. Sydney also opted for the money this year and no friend party, so I will be taking both her and Zipporah birthday shopping this week sometime. I will probably take them out for dinner too.

opening some presents