Monday, September 28, 2009

Sydney's Party Cake

Here is the cake I made Sydney for her friend party this weekend. I really love it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sydney's 7th special day!

On September 10, 2009, we celebrated Sydney turning 7. We just had a family party that day, her friend party is on the 26th. I made a special breakfast for her birthday. I also sent her to school with 30 cupcakes so she could celebrate with her classmates. After dinner it was time to sing happy birthday to her. I made a small cake out of the leftover batter from cupcakes and decorated it just like that cupcakes. But this was to fool her, what she didn't know is that I bought a dairy queen ice cream cake the night before. She even asked if we could quickly go buy an ice cream cake when I showed her the small 6 inch cake I made for her. I just said to her, no Sydney, I already made this one for you. HAHAHA!!! So you can see in the following picture her trying to look happy about the cake I made for her. I took the cake into the kitchen to light the candles and came back to the table with the ice cream cake lite up and you can totally see the difference in her face. LOL!!! I am such a trickster!!!

cake I made, it was really small. 6 inch cake and not very high

Sydney trying her hardest to look happy and excited!

Daisy Queen ice cream cake

here you can see how happy she is now. hahaha I got her good

blowing out the candles

happy about her gifts

Hannah Montana doll and her friend Lily. As you can see Sydney is really happy about it, no fake smile there. hehe

Monday, September 14, 2009

First day of school was August 31st. Sorry these are so late. Forrest is in grade 7, Daisy in grade 6, Lynnette grade 5, Abigail grade 5, Zipporah grade 2 and Sydney is also in grade 2. So far the year is going well. Everyone has great teachers and are making new friends. Our home is also turning into the place to be. There seems to always be one or two or more extra kids in the house on a regular basis, but thats ok, I am glad my kids friends like to be here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ezra loves cucumbers. I can cut him a big chunk and he will happily chew on it forever!!!! When he is grouchy I can give him a chunk of cuc and he is happy again. Sorry the pictures are kinda fuzzy, soon I will have a good camera again and my picture quality will improve a ton.

Ezra 7 month pictures

Ezra is over 7 months now, but whatever, sometimes it take me awhile to get around to things. He has two teeth and loves to chew on anything. When we are eating he insists on eating too. As soon as he sees food he is screaming for it. He loves cucumbers and he loves cottage cheese. He is moving more, but just rolling. He has been rolling for awhile, but only decided a few days ago that he would move around the house this way. Ezra loves to put my hair in his mouth, not sure about that one, but ok. As usual here are a million pictures of me super cute little guy! Can't wait until I get my good camera fixed so I can have good pictures again.


I love this picture with Penny.

First teeth

Ezra got his first two teeth a couple weeks ago. Yes he is crying in the picture, and I guess that makes me a bad mom. But I didn't make him cry, even though I let him cry a bit to get the pictures, and it just allowed me to get some teeth shots. In the first one you have to look close and can only see one, but the second one is great!