Monday, April 19, 2010


When Sydney was 21 months old, her pediatrician diagnosed her "moderately autistic". She told us she would never be able to be left without an adult, never be able to move out and pretty much need constant supervision and "help" her whole life. She learned a lot of things by following her sister Zipporah around, she would point at what she did, say what she did etc. I was unable to teach her, but she learned really well by mimicking her sister. As time went on, she improved in strides, like I mean big huge GIANT steps. I started questioning her diagnosis about 4 years ago when she was in preschool. By kindergarten, the teacher even told me, had they not been told, they never would have been able to pick her out as being the child with autism, and when people came into our home to work with her, I got the same reactions. I talked to the school councillor who was wanting me to not have her reassessed. He said that it didn't matter that she didn't use the aid that was put in the classroom for her, because that aid could be used for other children as well. But there was no way I was going to have her keep a diagnosis that wasn't right. What if there was something else, and I was dealing with her wrong because of her current moderately autistic diagnosis? He didn't seem to think it would do any harm keeping things as they were. Buy by the end of the year her teacher had requested her be reassessed and so that set thing in motion, though it has been a long slow process. A couple days ago I got a call and she has a new, fits her so much better, diagnosis is PDD-NOS. So she is on the autism spectrum but is a much milder, higher functioning autism. I would also say that I would be surprised if she didn't move out and live on her own and even start a family of her own. Academically she is brilliant. She is suspected as having a photographic memory of some sorts. We haven't got her tested for that, nor do we even know how, but sometimes its a bit amazing. Like with reading, to her each letter says its specific sound, so sounding out words is very difficult and almost impossible at times, because she can't see how each sound can blend. But if you just tell her the word, so knows it for good. I have never had to tell her a word twice, never. Her spelling test this year she has gotten 100% each week. All she has to do is right it on her list the beginning of the week and never look at it again and Friday 100%. crazy crazy. I think even in a few more years her social quirks will even be gone. She used to play alone and even though she still prefers it, she engages the kids at school and plays with others. This year (her grade 2 year) has been the best at socializing that I have seen her. There are just little things here and there, that probably only those of us that live with her even notice. It is actually quite awesome to see how she progresses in strides and how huge of leap she is now at 7.5 years of age, than she was at 21 months.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another cake

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Yeah I thought the doctor was giving me a bogus name for what Forrest had. When the doctor handed me his prescription and said what he has is called LYMPHADENITIS, I really thought for a second he might have made up the name. hahaha This is the second time he has had an infection in his jaw. The first time we took him to the walk in. This time he started hurting in the evening, by morning I could see it starting to swell so I kept him home form school and they were able to get us in to the doctor 15 minutes after I called. We took care of things before his swelling got too bad this time, so its a bit hard to see in the pictures, but if you look the right side of his jaw, your left looking at him, you can see it is a bit swollen. He had a lot of pain with this too.

Welcome to the family Shuka!

Chris loves birds. He especially loves the companion birds. After his green cheeked conure died, he said he would like to get a bigger bird next time. So we have been casually looking around and seeing what out there. African Greys and very intelligent and make excellent companions. So the plan was someday, we would be able to get one. They are pretty pricey. Well Chris works with a guy who he sometimes takes home and his dad had this bird and was needing to get rid of him and willing to part with him for only the price of the cage. That was a deal we couldn't let get away. So now we have an African Grey Parrot in our family. He takes quite a bit and its fun to listen and see what he says, and sometimes a bit weird when he says something in your voice. Birds kinda creep me out a bit, but Chris really loves them, so I have never fought him getting one. I am slowly getting used to Shuka. Actually it is happening faster than I thought. The kids absolutely love him and we are just waiting for them to be used to him here and not be so in his face sometimes.

Owen was in absolute heaven having Shuka on his shoulder.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sending Smiles!!

So being the blog snoop that I am, while reading my cousin Lynn's blog, I had to click on her link to an new blog she posted about. I super super love this idea. The blog is called SENDING SMILES. You have to go check it out. I think it is the most fantastic idea and I so want to participate. How wonderful to help strangers feel loved and important during times of need or trial. My hope is that as I participate, I will become more compelled to help the people around me and be more aware of who is in need. I so love doing things for people annonymously, and with this, though they might see my name, they don't know who I am.

Calliope's 3

We had a Hello Kitty birthday for Calliope. My cake looks more like a knock off Hello Kitty, but it past the Calliope test and she loved it. She got a special birthday breakfast and we just had a family party. For supper she wanted macaroni and cheese, so thats what we had. Calliope loves to sing and dance and be all girly, but she also loves to climb and jump off of things and run around with Owen, she is definately full of energy. She loves being with her big sisters and they love to spoil her.

super excited about her cake!

blowing out the candles.

Paper bag prince

Owen, our very own paper bag Prince.

New plate

Who needs a plate or a table when you can just flip over the garbage can and dump out your lick a maid powder onto it and lick it up. Even though this totally disgusted me, I decided to grab the camera and take a couple pictures anyways. haha


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ezra's 1st birthday

It is so crazy how fast a year goes by. Ezra turned 1 on January 28th. My parents were able to come up and help us celebrate. We started the day with a special birthday breakfast. Then had his favorite food for supper, chicken. Ezra absolutely loves chicken. Chicken and cheese have always been his favorite foods. We actually got KFC for supper, and he ate lots and lots of chicken. We spoiled him rotten and got him way too many gifts, but in my defense, this is the last 1st birthday we will be celebrating, so it had to be big. LOL!!

happy eating breakfast

pancakes, bacon, and eggs

small frog cake, this one he got all to himself

little and big frog side by side

hmmm interesting

starring down the frog, showing him who's boss I suppose.

got your eyes!


I want both!

Opening presents, Calliope helping too.

Ezra with all his presents

he didn't stay sitting for long

Ezra with grandma and grandpa Boehme. hahaha he is so scared of pretty much everyone that isn't his mom or dad or siblings.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ezra 1 year pictures

Ezra is such a sweet awesome child!!! Just laid back, not much into adventure, I have always been able to just put him on the couch and he would just play there, no looking over the edge and falling off, nothing, in fact he did teach himself around 8 months to get off the couch properly. He wasn't walking at 1, but the next day he took 5 steps in a row a few different times, then nothing until almost 14 months. He would walk along the wall and barely be holding on, but not walk alone. He is walking now like a pro! No words yet either. He has said dad a few times, and hi once or twice, but he still just does baby babble a lot. I guess he just isn't a child in a hurry, and that is so ok with me.
Ezra loves toys that talk, or I guess interact. He loves balls, he just loves to throw them and play pass. He drives cars around on the floor and still likes to be within reach of mom.