Friday, May 29, 2009

Chris had a birthday

So Chris had his 35th birthday today. For his birthday he made awesome Mexican food for his family and some friends. I know funny that he cooked his own birthday food, but he loves to cook good food for people, so it realy was what he wanted. Then he took and nice long nap, then we all went to the kids piano recital. I made him 2 banana cream pies, 2 chocolate cream pies, and a boston cream pie. And now we are just finishing up a movie.

all the good I made Chris

cream pies with whipped cream.

35 candles is a lot of candles.

got them all... no girl friends..... good thing.....LOL!!

A book I bought him since the kids ripped up his other copy.

kitchen torch. Now he can make crem brulee with this instead of the big propane one. hahaha seriously we have one under the kitchen sink. This one will be much safer I think.

trying to figure out how to work it.

meat thermometer. The kind you poke in the roast and then there is a wire attached and you have the part the tells you the temperature on the counter and then you know exactly when your roast is done the way you like.
He also got some chocolate from Daisy and money from Forrest.

Ezra ~ 4 months


Oh man do I love this kid!!!! He is such a happy, delightful little boy. I can't believe how time is flying by. He just started major drooling a couple days ago. I sure hope it doesn't mean teeth aren't too far away. I took him to the doctor today. He weighs 13lbs 13oz and is 24 inches long. Funny story, I commented to the doctor about how he has a huge soft spot. Doctor says, the bigger the better. Then commented on how he is going to be really smart. And then he took Ezra to the table to check his hips and was talking to Ezra about how he is going to be a genius. HAHAHA!!! Not too sure if there is medical studies that link large soft spots and intelligence, but for now I will take it! Everywhere I go with him people comment on how adorable or cute or beautiful he is. I even here comments, from people when they are catching a look at my baby as they walk past us, like oh wow he is cute!! I think he is extremely adorable, but as his mother I should be thinking that. Its kinda nice to hear others think he is cute too. Sorry there are so many pictures, but I just couldn't resist posting so many.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abigail's 10

Abigail turned 10 on May 22, 2009. She opted for the money, but we allowed her to take a friend shopping and out for dinner and then a sleep over. She choice to eat Japanese, I like when they choose places I like to eat. haha She bought some stuff at Walmart, then a couple ds games from EB games, and then bought a bunch of stuff from the dollar store. Lots of fake hair and nail polish and fake nails. Her and her friend Sarah had lots of fun doing them selves up. Chris and I got her High School Musical 3 sing it for the Wii, and a giant jar a Vlasic pickles for her gift from us.

She doesn't like cake and this year didn't want me to make her one anyways, so she got ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, a bit sad I didn't get to make her a cake, but that sadness went away while eating ice cream cake. LOL!!!

Abigail with friend Sarah

Blowing out the candles

Abigail with all her birthday loot.

Niagara Falls, and the flight home

On our way back to Toronto to catch the plan home, we briefly stopped in Niagara Falls to see the falls. HOLY SCARY!!! It was the only time I was glad my children were not with me. For me instant anxiety. Did not want to stay there long. As you can see in the pictures, there isn't a super high wall or anything. Just s short brick wall with a rail on top. perfect for kids to climb up on. shudder..... They are great and massive and amazing, but oh so scary for me. I was glad our stay there was super short. Like really short. Took a few pictures and left short.
The plane ride home was way less eventful that the plane ride there. Ezra slept a lot, but not as much as the ride there. He still did really well. We arrive to enjoy some super chilly weather. hahaha I am so glad to be home. A week is way to long for me to be away. I really don't need time away from my kids and I enjoy them so much. It was hard sometimes cuz I really wanted them to be experiencing the church sights that I was. Maybe someday, we can take a nice long family vacation and visit church sites. Hopefully someday I can make it to Nauvoo

Niagara ~ Canadian side

Ezra and me

you can take a boat ride right close into the falls.

more Niagara falls Canadian side

this is the American side of Niagara Falls.

leaving Toronto

Arriving in Alberta

arriving in Edmonton

home at last.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kirtland, Ohio

Our next stop was Kirtland, Ohio. We got to see so many interesting things. First we saw the Whitney home. The actual home restored, then we went into the N.K. Whitney store. There we saw where Joseph and Emma lived, the school of the prophets room, and of coarse the store. So amazing. And again with both places, they figure they have everything how it was way back when because of detailed journals. We also saw the saw mill and ashery. Both of those buildings burnt down after the saints left Kirtland, but they are just how they were and in the exact same spot where they originally stood. Then in the visitors center was a bronze display. It is amazing. This lady was an opera singer and realized she couldn't be an opera singer forever. She was messing around with clay and realized she had some talent and things went from there. Definitely made me wonder if I have any secret talents of greatness, that could be used to help bring people to the gospel. We also went to the Marley farm. There isn't much there, we were just told of the school house that the Marley's had for their kids and neighbouring families to use. It was often where priesthood meetings were held, and the first high priests were ordained there. The school house itself isn't here, as the church doesn't own the part of the land it was on. Maybe some day. We also toured the Kirtland Temple. The temple isn't owned by the LDS, but the Community of Christ, once known as the Reformed LDS church. It was definitely a different experience. The spirit was missing and you could tell the difference. I did feel the spirit inside of me, and I knew this was the place where amazing events took place. A building that the saints built with great sacrifices. So strange to feel the spirit inside me, but not around me. The tour itself focused mostly on where people sat and simple facts, but not the great events that took place. Still glad I went and saw it though. After that we drove out to the Johnson farm. This is the home where Joseph Smith and Emma were living when Joseph got drug from his bed and taken away and then was tarred and feathered. I definitely learned on my trip that I do not know very much church history. I am going to be reading lots of church history books. I am also intrigued with other religions, just purely for interest sake. I have no need to find another faith, I already know I belong to the only true church on earth, but I am interested to learn of other faiths and what they actually believe and what similarities there might be with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Chris has studied lots of religions and knows lots about other faiths, so I am sure he can help me with that.
We also stopped by the quarry really briefly, just to see exactly where the men went to cut stones for the building of the temple.

Whitney home

Inside one of the rooms in the Whitney home

Whitney store

Inside the store

checkers with corn for pieces LOL!! inside the store.

The ashery

the ashery again

Bronze statue. Jesus walking on water.

This one is Jesus bring Lazareth back from death. He is also in the sculpture, but not in this picture I took. The details of these statues are absolutely amazing.

The Saviour in Gethsemene

Me and Ezra in front of the Kirtland Temple.

Kirtland Temple

Johnson Home

Room where Joseph was taken from. Their room was right next to the front door.

The quarry. This is where the men when and cut stone for the temple.

You can totally see the marks from the stone being cut. My dad in the picture btw.

I can't imagine how back breaking the work must have been to do this all my hand.