Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ezra's blessing

On Sunday March 2nd, Chris gave Ezra his baby blessing. It was so nice. Chris did a really great job. My mom and dad and brother Tate and his fiance Felisha came for it. I crocheted Ezra's blessing outfit and his blanket. I made the blanket and sleeper before he was born, but I didn't put the outfit together. So the night before my mom attached the sleeves and I sewed on the zipper. Sunday morning I made his hat.

family picture. I think our first one with all of us. I should have taken some with my parents and brother and sil, but things get busy and I forget to take all the pictures I would like. I also wanted one of Ezra and Chris together but that didn't happen either. oh well. I think I am going to put Ezra in his blessing outfit next week just before church and get a few more pics so there can be one of him and Chris.

Ezra 1 month

Well a whole month has gone by since Ezra was born. He turned one month on February 28th, the same day Calliope turned 2 years. He now weighs 9 lbs 2 oz up from his original 6 lbs 9 oz and is 20.5 inches long up from his original 19.5 inches. So he is definately a growing boy. He gives us lots and lots of smiles now, but of coarse not so many when I have the camera ready.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Calliope turns 2

Calliope turned 2 yesterday ( February 28th). So crazy that she is already 2. We just had a nice family party. My mom and dad and Tate and Felisha came up for her birthday and Ezra's blessing today (which I will post about later) She is absolutely in love with The Wiggles, so I got her mos tof the wiggles characters. It was so cute. She opened all her gifts from the kids first and then when she opened her first gift of wiggles stuff, so was almost in disbelief. She looked at the wiggles, hten her stuffies from the kids, then her wiggles then got rid of the stuffies. Then she opened more wiggles, and had all four guys, and just kept looking at them back and forth, Murray and Anthony in one had, Jeff and Greg in the other, it was almost more than she could handle. She also got Dorothy the dinosaur, Henry the octopus and a hot potato that plays the hot potato song and you can play hot potato with it. Henry and the Wiggles all sing as well.

Way way cute!!

playing in the fort

eating her birthday dinner, stir fry!

The big red car cake!

she really loved this cake. So did Owen.

With her cake

blowing out the candles

taking back a piece of the car Owen had taken

Birthday cake from Lupita and Antonio Lopez. She loved the tweety.

blowing out the candle

not sure how to handle getting so many Wiggles stuff.

Yeah for the Wiggles

Her face says it all, she couldn't believe it!