Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nachos GRANDE!!!!!!

On the 10th of May, Chris came into our bedroom that evening with the hugest plate of nachos ever!!!!! There isn't even any meat on that plate! He wanted me to take a picture of them, he was so proud of his creation, so I did, then I picture documented the whole process of eating them. I told him there was no way he could eat all that. Just a week earlier, if not days, he still wasn't able to eat as much as he could before his esophagus surgery, but just like a flick of a switch, he has his appetite back! He ate the whole thing and even licked the plate clean! crazy! I will also add, I didn't have any of it, not even a tiny taste!

He just tried some, so good!!! his face says it all really! He is so pleased!

Wondering where to start


working on it, not bad so far


still going

and going

almost done!

so good can't waste any of it!

licking the plate clean!

see all gone, every tiny speck!