Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Newest Jensen.... Ezra Tate

Due to high blood pressure and protein in my urine, my doctor decided I needed to be induced, infact he said I have no choice. LOL!! Like I would have said no anyways. I was ready to be done with the pains o pregnancy and meet my newest baby. So at 8am Wednesday January 28th, I got a call to go down to the hospital to get induced. Chris and I got there around 9am. I got in a gown, got my blood pressure and all that taken, then they called my doctor. He said he would be there at 10am. So just before 10, they took me to a delivery suite, and there we waited, and waited and waited and waited some more. Finally at 20 to 1, Dr. Kroeker showed up. I was maybe a finger tip dilated but my cervix was really soft, so I had hoped that the induction would take within a couple hours. Well within about 30 minutes, I started to feel some slight contracting and new things were on their way. 2 hours pass with slight contractions not too super close together, but after 2 hours, things really picked up. So after another 30 minutes they take the cervidil out and hook up and IV and start my strep B meds and call for an epidural. I was so worried about missing it, that the nurse made sure I would get it this time. The epidural guy was in my room in less than 5 minutes. It was awesome!! It hurt really really bad getting it, but so nice once it was in. I figured I was in the clear. After that was all taken care of, they check me and I am 3cm and my water is ready to break, but the doctor decided to wait, because the baby was still really high and he was worried about the cord coming down before the baby if he broke my water. So about an hour goes by, Chris leaves to get some supper, no nurses in the room, I feel a bit of pressure, but not too sure. I am starting to feel contractions again, but figure it is fine, it isn't too bad. Then I feel warm liquid, I would have thought I peed myself, only I had a catheter in because of the epidural. Can't find the button to call in a nurse, but luckily one came in a couple minutes later, sure enough my water broke, and I was just laying there leaking water. She checks me I am still at 3. Calls the doctor, he decides to not have supper with is family and come down. He walks in 20 minutes after my water broke, I tell him I can really feel these contractions, which he thought was odd since I had the epidural. He checks me I am at 9. So he says he will go get changed and I should be fully dilated by then. The contractions became extremely painful during the last half hour, I wasn't prepared for it mentally at all, since I had the epidural. So my last three contractions before pushing I was really just crying from the pain and finally I was able to push. I didn't have to push long at all, and then it was over. Ezra Tate Jensen was born at 5:43pm weighting 6lbs 9oz and 19.5 inches long. He has brown hair and of coarse blue eyes, which we will see in the net few months if that blue stays or they turn to brown. Chris and I were laughing yesterday at some of Ezra pictures, because he has this definite line right at the arch of his nose that makes him look so grumpy, but of coarse he is such a mellow, delightful baby. So today I was on a mission to get pictures of a less grumpy looking Ezra. All the kids are so excited to have another brother. He gets lots of hugs and kisses. My mom and dad are up helping out which is so nice, I have been able to get some naps in and just not worry about cleaning or anything too much.

The health nurse came today and Ezra is down 8oz, so about 10% of his birth weight, so they are starting to get concerned, especially since my milk hasn't come in yet. It usually doesn't come in for about 3 days, and with Calliope it took a few more for it to really come in. He is also getting a bit jaundice, so I have to keep an eye on that. And I will be supplementing him with formula until my milk is better established to help with the jaundice and to prevent him losing anymore weight. Which I am fine with, since I have planned on both nursing and using bottles. There is also a concern about my uterus, darn thing just doesn't want to go down. So again I have to keep an eye on things, even though it very well could be because this is my 6th pregnancy, there is also a slight chance it could be refusing to go down because there is some placenta still in.

me right before leaving to leave to the hospital.

getting cleaned up, weighed and measured.

not liking it so much.

still not thinking this is fun hehehe

I love this picture, it is like he has just had enough already

See, super grumpy Ezra. LOL!!!!

finally my turn to get to hold him!!!

me looking so freakin' wasted!!! But I still love this picture.

Calliope is so in love with Ezra

Owen tells me 10 times a day that Ezra loves him.









getting ready to go home

super cutie!!

snoozing with daddy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forrest broke his foot

So yesterday we take Forrest to scouts. They were going sledding, I had my apprehensions about sending him, because 2 weeks ago Daisy got pretty badly injured while sledding for activity days. I am pretty sure sledding in the dark with a bunch of hyped up kids, isn't the best activity to do. Well I get a call from Chris at 8 and he says he doesn't know whether to puke or be mad. Turns out Forrest broke his foot. I will admit, we are pretty angry about the whole thing. Time and time again my children are getting hurt while at church activities and I am tired of dealing with ER visits or visits to the dentist, when we simply sent them to a church activity. So now I am torn between sending them because it is a church activity and they should go, or just stop sending them for awhile, as I am not convinced my kids are safe there at this time. We will see how things pan out. I just want my kids to be safe.
Chris and Forrest didn't get home last night until after 130am, from the ER. Forrest now has a cast, and I guess goes back in a week, where they take his cast off, re x-ray his foot, and then put a new cast on. I am assuming it is to make sure that things are where they should be and the bones are properly aligned so it can heal properly. He has to wear the cast for 6 weeks. Forrest has been in quite a bit of pain. I feel so sad for him. He is even saying he wishes he stayed home and didn't go sledding. It is hard to see your child in pain, especially when there isn't anything you can do. He will be sore for a few days, so I am keeping him home from school, at least until Monday.
I do have some pretty great Children, my girls went to spend their allowance at the mini mall 1/2 a block away and each of them on their own, bought Forrest a small gift or treat, he even got a couple get well cards from his sisters. All my kids are very thoughtful, I am very pleased. They have all been so nice to Forrest and happily get him a drink or whatever else he is needing, so that he doesn't have to get up and move around. I am sure in a couple days the pain will lessen and he will be more mobile on his crutches. Oh yeah, we now own a pair of crutches, so if anyone needs some in the future, you know who to call.
Forrest has been trying out for journal games. I guess it is a running thing, where they have groups of 6-8 kids and they each run 200 m one after another. They are going to be doing competitions with other schools in March. He has been working so hard, hoping to make one of the teams that they need. So he is a bit disappointed he can't continue with that. He was even getting up on his own 2 days a week and getting himself to school by 715am. He also thought he couldn't shower for 6 weeks, but I did inform him there are ways to get clean and keep a cast dry. LOL!!!! Life will be interesting getting him to school now. The kids all walk together, but with all the ice and snow I just can't send him in crutches. Hopefully my van will be getting fixed on Monday or Tuesday, but even then, I will be having to bundle up the little kids each morning so I can get Forrest to school. Luckily Chris gets off work in time to be able to pick him up after school.
So just another little bit of stress and drama added to our already stressful and crazy lives.
I am posting a few of the pictures Chris took with his cell phone while waiting in the ER.
Oh and one more thing, he is the first to break a bone. Not even Chris or I have ever broken a bone before. Yay Forrest!!!! Hopefully tomorrow he is feeling better.

at this point he is doped up on some pretty good drugs. LOL!! Chris said he talked non stop once they kicked in. hahaha!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Only 8

Well, the time has come and our 2 foster children have left. The social worker came today around 230pm to take them for a 2 week trial visit with their dad. And if all goes well they will stay. I am sure they will be staying. We have been preparing for this possibility since November, so it seemed to be an easy thing to do. But as I watched them drive away, sadness has set in.
There has been things come up and we have advocated for them the best we can, but in the end social services makes all the decisions and there is nothing Chris and I can do about it. In certain ways, it is for the best, so I will try to focus on that more and just imagine things are going to be great for them. Which really, they are with family. And we did our best and gave them a good home, until it was no longer needed. We had them for almost exactly a year. It was a tough year, but still a good year. They made us laugh a lot and we had some pretty fun times with them.
Now I am down to just my 8 until the baby arrives and then we will have 9. It will be so exciting having the new addition to our family. We are all eagerly awaiting the babies arrival.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pregnancy update

I just thought I would post a little pregnancy update. I am on weekly visits now. In December the baby had dropped. Baby was way low for almost 4 weeks. At my appointment yesterday the doctor was going to scrape my membrane, to help get things moving, but the baby had decided to move back up and so my cervix was too high for him to scrape, and I am only a finger tip dialated, not even worth mentioning really, but of coarse I did. hehehe Also my blood pressure had been high, but yesterday things were good. I did lose 3 pounds in one week some how, but my belly grew 3 cm. Weird! I have actually been in a lot of pain for quite a few weeks, but it will all be over as soon as this baby arrives. I am feeling pretty good today however, so hopefully I will be able to continue to get things done and get everything ready for the new baby. I should probably get my hospital bags packed this weekend and wash the car seat and get the playpen set up. Maybe there will be time for all that on Saturday.

Owen's first shave!

Chris used to shave Forrest with a credit card, and now it is Owen's turn. So this is Owen's first shave. He was not too sure about it at first, but in the end had fun and liked it a lot!

Christmas 2008

Man, it has taken me awhile to get updated on my blog. I will start with Christmas. We had a great Christmas. The kids were very happy about all their gifts, and we had a great day together. We had the Lopez family and Gomez family over for Christmas dinner. Of coarse we made WAY WAY WAY too much food, but hey whats a great Christmas dinner without leftovers. So funny..... the older 4 each got heelys for one of their gifts, and they concluded that "Santa Claus must be real, because mom and dad would never spend that much money" LOL!! Here are just a few pictures to enjoy.

Stockings and Christmas tree just after Santa arrived.

Calliope with her in the night garden toys. She also got Makka Pakka. Her favorite is Iggle Piggle and she now sleeps with all three.

Owen with his wood logs, and they are great, because they have magnets, so when you build something it stays together.

Sydney's epet. All the kids got a different epet this year.

Zipporah with some of her presents.

Abigail with her easy bake over. She loves it and has used it many times.

Lynnette with a game you plug right into the TV. All the older girls got a different version.

Daisy with her rescue pet alarm clock.

Forrest opening his heelys

Super bad picture of me, but hey I am 8 months pregnant. I am so happy to have gotten a glider rocker with ottoman. It will be nice to feed and rock the baby in.

Chris opening his gifts from the kids. They all spent their own money and Chris and I got gifts from each of them. Some of them were pretty funny. But Chris and I actually look forward to see what the kids get us when it is our birthday or Christmas. They are very thoughtful, we always tell them that they don't have to get us gifts, but they still do. I got some sweet kids.