Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Penguin visit

We had a very exciting day on Monday July 28th. A penguin came to the Stony Plain public library. We got to meet Big Guy. She is a 26 year old penguin that lives at West Edmonton Mall. You can't tell whether a penguin is mall or female unless you do genetic testing and they like to wait until the penguins are a few years old before they do that. Big guy was bigger than the other penguins and more dominating and aggressive, so they figured she had to be male, but when she was four she laid a couple eggs and they realized they were wrong. hahaha But since she was used to her name, they decided to leave it. She is an African Penguin, and has lived her whole life at the West Edmonton Mall. It was very nice seeing a penguin so close.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Owen's wasp bite

Poor Owen was playing in the back yard after we got home from our trip to the zoo. All the sudden Chris came in asking me for tweezers and saying Owen had been stung by a bee. Turns out it was a wasp, so there was no stinger to take out thank goodness. Owen told Chris he got stung and Chris said are you sure, because at first it looked like it could have been a scratch. he said yes, I saw it is was a bee, a caterpillar was on me and I saw it bite me, it was a bee. So we figure it must have been fuzzy and stripped and reminded him of a caterpillar, but he new it was a bee. He did so well even though he was in pain.

Just too much pain for little Owen, he just hunched
himself over in pain, and cried on the couch for a bit.

putting ice on it, to help the swelling.

you can see his wrist starting to swell here.

daddy checking for a stinger

awwww poor Owen. It hurt so bad.



After the zoo, everyone was hungry. We took them to McDonalds and we must have been there for almost 3 hours. They had a lot fo fun playing on the playland. Chris and I were thinking it would be so cool to have one of those at our house. hehehe




everyone climbing to the top

Abigail and Katerina

JJ, can you tell he super loved the slide!!

more climbing

Lets go to the Zoo

We woke up yesterday morning and decided we couldn't just sit around at home. Chris and I are dealing with a few things right not that are very hard for us, and we needed to make sure the kids had a fun day, and at the same time take our mind off of things. So we decided to load the kids up in the van and go to the Valley Zoo here in Edmonton. It isn't very big, nor that exciting, but the kids like it and we always have fun while we are there. We had an extra child as well. Abigail's best friend that has moved to Saskatchewan is here for a few days, so lucky Abigail had got to take a friend. We did loose Owen for a few minutes and it was so scary. We had kids paired up and his partner just let him go. She said he kept trying to pull away, so she let him go. We were not too happy and she never told us he left the group until we found him. I am so greatful we found him. The train distracted him and caused him to wander off. It wasn't long that he was gone, but long enough. He was happy to stay close to mom after that. It scared him a bit when he realized he didn't know where we were.

If you look close at Humpty's leg you can see
he has a broken leg. Poor Humpty, must have
fallen off and the kings men haven't put him all
back together again!!!!

This is at the petting zoo and they are trying
to catch some kind of bird.

A shark about to eat everyone!!!!!

Looking at the black Swan's

more petting zoo.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I just thought I would share this cake here. I made it for a friends son who is turning 5, happy birthday Gabe!!!!! It is my attempt at the pokemon turtwig. hehehe I thought making a pokeball made it that much more exciting and fun!!!!

Pokeball and Turtwig



And I just thought I would add a picture of what Turtwig really looks like.

Tia is 4

This was our first birthday with Tia and we wanted her to know how special she is. She is such a sweet little girl that keeps us laughing. We love you Tia and I am glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!

I made Tia jewellery box cake as she requested.

She absolutely loved it!!!!!

Waiting to eat the cake was almost painful for her. LOL!!!

She also got a glow cuddle bear, sunglasses from Lynnette, a couple bendy flowers from Forrest, candies from Daisy, coloring book, puzzle and a beach ball form Hamiltons. She loved present time!!!