Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Family skating at dog rump park!!! (seriously thats what it is called)

Saturday, January 26th we bundled up the kids, loaded them in the van (well some walked) and took the family to dog rump park for a nice family outing of skating. One thing I love about living up here in Stony Plain, is that they have out door ice rinks. We have two really close to us. One at the school and of coarse dog rump park. The pond freezes over in the winter and it is a nice place to get some skating in. I had boughten some bob skates ( the double bladed strap on their boots skates) for the younger kids and we were set. Everyone had so much fun. We put Calliope in the sled and Chris walked her around the ice. She was so bundled up and cute as can be enjoying the outdoors. She feel asleep just before it was time to go home. Such an angel. Oh yes, and we now have 10 kids as we are fostering some amazing foster kids right now. So 10 kids 10 and under. It is a lot of work getting us out the door, but oh so worth it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Future barber

My mom and dad came up to visit this weekend. So naturely my mom and me went downtown to do a little shopping in some local shops. When we got home everything seemed fine. Then I was talking to my dad and Owen came and sat on the arm of the couch, I noticed something fall from his head, so I look and he has A LOT of hair missing, and hair is all over him and still falling from his head. I stand back and almost freak. I ask him what he did. He said he cut it. Oh I am so sad. Little Owen had a head full of curls. His blond curls were so cute. I look around to find a pile of hair and 2 pairs of scissors under the table. I take him to the bathroom to check out his new hair and he was so sad when he saw what he had done. Poor Owen. He was crying for awhile. I got my camera and took a few pictures. He sad he was sad, I told him it was ok and his curls will grow back and then he asked if he would be happy again when his curls grew back. I reassured him that he will be happy once his dad buzzes the rest of his hair and makes it all look good. So Chris did just that. And Owen was as happy as cane be after it was all taken care of.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Calliope and mom

I love to play with my children. One of my most favorite things to do with Calliope is sit her on my knee and we blow raspberries at eachother or lovingly scream at eachother. I was doing this with her the other day and Chris took a few pictures. I just love them and had to share!!!

New Years Eve 2007

Well I must confess, I New years eve wasn't so amazing at our house this year. I didn't get around to really planning anything, and Chris and I were both so tired. Chris made some wings for the kids to snack on, and I set up my new beverage fountain. Which by the way is super awesome!!!!!! Chris had to work New Year day in the morning so he went to bed early. Peggy and I played games with the kids. Forrest cooked some sausage rols he wanted and then we had our Happy New Year and everyone went to bed. Next year will be better, I already have ideas to make is fun!!! I do enjoy staying up with the kids, so I am sure that is what we will be doing again. I should mention that Chris played his accordian for us for a bit before he went to bed. I got it for him for Christmas and he is learning to play.

Christmas 2007

We all travelled down to my moms house in Raymond this year for Christmas. We all had a great time. It was even almost relaxing. The kids were all very well behaved and bedtime was so easy each night. The kids decorated gingerbread houses with cousins and grandpa even took some of them tobaganning. Grandpa tied a big shoel to the back of his car and took them for rides in the field. eeekk!!!! Fondue on Chrstmas Eve was yummy, and so was Christmas dinner on Christmas day. The kids all got digital cameras and MP3 players, so they were all trilled. We travelled home on December 26th and were battling black ice for the first 4 hours of the drive. But we managed to make it home safe and sound. On the 27th in the morning we had our Christmas with Peggy. The kids got a gift from Peggy, and their gift from Chris and I and the gifts from eachother. They did a name draw kinda thing so they could buy one great gift for one sibling instead of a small not so great gift for each sibling. Chris and I got the 6 older kids new ice skates, Owen got a Max doll and a cranium game, Calliope got a toy that she can walk with and whe she is older it converts to a little car that she can ride. I forgot my camera, so the pictures aren't the best, but I figure it is better to have not as good pictures, then no pictures at all.

I save the world

December 12th. I was playing in the livingroom with Calliope and Owen. Owen has his very often warn Spiderman pj's on. He was playing with Calliope then all the sudden started growling saying "I am spiderman grrrrr I am spiderman growwwwwwwwl" I looked at Owen and said, "but Owen, Spiderman is nice, he is not a monster, he is a good guy" He stopped suddenly, looked at me and said. "I save the world mom, I save the world" LOL!!! What a cutie!!!!

3 years

Each year on the anniversary of the adoptions of three of our girls, we have a big celebrations. This year was no different. We call it Adoption Day and it is a big family day full of fun!!! This year on December 8th (since the 9th was Sunday) we took all the kids and Peggy to Galaxyland at the West Edmonton mall. The kids had so much fun going on rides over and over. I took the older 4 for the first half and Chris had the younger 4, then we switched and Chris took the older 4 and I took the younger 4. Afterwards we headed to the Royal fork buffet and everyone got to each as much as they want and even have all the icecream and dessert they wanted. I figure it costs us about the same to each there as a regular family resturant and at the Royal Fork there is no limit and they get dessert and it is a more relaxed setting for our family of 10. It was a great day and I am so glad we have the family we do. Our family wouldn't be the same without each and every child and they all bring Chris and I an overflowing amount of joy.