Monday, May 17, 2010

Bruised nose/ cut lip

First I will start with Owen's bruised nose. On May 8th some of the kids were playing in the backyard on our play center. Owen was swinging and had Sydney push him. Well she got over excited and lots control over herself and pushed him too hard and his face hit the wood. He got an instant bloody nose. Poor Owen, he gets hurt a lot, but I have never seen him this hurt before. He could hardly breathe he was crying so hard. Chris worked his magic and got him all calmed down though. I am sure it included talking about cowboys.

The first three pictures at the first day

after we got the bleeding to stop

so sad

The next two are the second day

more bruising, but bigger smiles!

and then the next 2 are the third day

Now for the cut lip. Not really super cut, but a little slice from a razor. Calliope got a hold of one of my disposable razors and tried to shave her face "like dad". She ended up with a tiny cut that hurt pretty bad. Since I was taking pictures of Owen's nose, she wanted me to take pictures of her lip. The first two are the first day and you can't see anything. She had toilet paper on it the whole time and took it off just for the pictures. Bottom lip right in the middle

The next three pictures are the second day and you can now see red where she cut.

Lots of excitement in the Jensen home!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teenager in the house!!!

Forrest had his 13th birthday May 6th. I made him a cake covered in bounty bars and skittles. He absolutely loved it. All the kids were excited about getting some of the cake. He chose money over a party. Chris took him out for supper (the following Friday) and to a movie. And he bought some books at Chapters with some of his money, and he is already checking chapters online for more books that he wants. In September Forrest was a size 16 and had a young boy voice. He joined the running club and has grown quite a bit and now he is down to size 12 and has a voice that is deepening. He started off the school year just shorter than me and by Christmas or sooner he was taller.

Like tradition I made a yummy birthday breakfast for him and for supper we had his favorite food, mac and cheese. Only I made it from scratch! Love homemade mac and cheese!! He said too that once the kids at school found out it was his birthday, everyone was really nice to him. So I think he had a great day!!!

I got him his own 12 pack of mac and cheese for him. He LOVES all mac and cheese.

Owen's 5th birthday

I know the above picture is blurry, but I had to add it. Chris got Owen that cowboy hat for his birthday and he LOVES it. Owen is all about cowboys. He also got some transformers from us during his family party.

On April 8th Owen had his 5th birthday. On that day we just got a transformer cake from Dairy Queen (he picked it out) and had a little family party. Chris also took him out for supper. We also started the day off with a special birthday breakfast.

I decided that I might be brave enough to finally do a friend party for Owen. So about 2 weeks after his birthday day, we had all the kids from his primary class come over for a party. All 7 kids he invited came. Owen was so excited! All the kids were very well behaved and we had no problems and everyone had a lot of fun. Owen absolutely loved opening so many gifts. And each gift he enjoyed thoroughly and many times said " I don't believe it!" and was so excited!!! We did some crafts. Each kids colored a wooden letter, the first letter in their name and I made little books out of 12X12 cardstock and they got to color and put stickers on them and make their own books. I didn't plan any games, because I figured they would all just love to hang out and not have the organization of games and that's what happened. The kids don't see each other much out of church, so I think it was really neat for them to just play instead of having to sit for a lesson together.

Owen and his transformer DQ cake!

Blowing out the candles

Owen's castle cake I made for his friend party. I did get some of him with it and blowing out the candles, but they aren't to be found. Lost on my memory card and must not have transferred over. :(


the guards

hahaha excited about something

all the kids eating cake

Little Ezra loves cake!!

searching for presents

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Owen's black eye

On the 19th of March Owen was jumping on this couch (see picture below). It is a couch made for children, so it small that and regular love seat.

He actually does this quite often and also likes to get up on the bench and jump from there to the couch. As you can see a dip in the middle of the couch because of all the jumping that goes on, on this couch. Well on this particular day, he lost control and hit just under his eye on the bench. This is the results.

his left eye underneath, nice and painful

you can even see the red mark exactly where it got him, so close it wasn't his eye ball.

still super happy boy, and yes he still jumps on the couch!

Still super cute!