Monday, November 30, 2009


Ok, enjoy!! I just updated my blog and posted 8 new posts!!!! phew, that took awhile!

Two to many

Took Owen to the dentist the other day and they discovered that Owen has 2 extra teeth on the top. If you look at teh picture you can see that he really has 4 front teeth and not just two. Unfortunately that means that his front teeth are squished together tight and so he has to go back to get a small cavity that is starting in between the front teeth fixed, but the good news is, Owen is shark boy!!!! LOL!!!!

This is what happens when we go to Grandma and Grandpa Boehme's

Kids start dropping like flies!!!!!!!!!!

Going for a ride

ok, so Ezra loves to go for rides and the kids love to push him around. win win!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Here are Halloween pictures!

Ezra, the cutest owl EVER!!!

Calliope the white cat

A white cat and a black cat

Owen the black cat. Not sure why in the end he picked a cat over a super hero, but I guess he stayed warm!

Sydney, a zombie princess

Zipporah a princess

Zipporah with her friend Chiara who was Dorothy. She came trick or treating with us.

Abigail a zombie bride

Lynnette a dancer

Daisy a she devil

Forrest is RANDOM. Don't even ask cuz I have no clue.

All the kids together.

Ezra nine month pictures

Here are some of Ezra's nine month pictures. He is crawling like a pro and always crawls to find me. He loves to be close to me and know where I am. He loves balls and gets mad when they roll away from him. LOL!!! He loves to feed himself and needs to be eating what we are eating. His favorite food is still chicken. He loves chicken and turkey!!!