Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not again...............sighhhhhhhhh

So this is what happens when you are busy cleaning the house. I was upstairs doing dishes, the kids were cleaning the basement, and Owen was hiding under a pile of pillows. Who new hiding in pillows could be so terrible. OK, so look closely at the first picture. This picture was taken last night before he went to bed. I needed his picture for a super Saturday project I needed to get done so I could display it today.

Did you get a good look???? So cute right????? Cute boy, nice curling blonde hair, so adorable. Look at it again if you have to, this was Owen until 2:45pm this after noon. Now scroll down.


Notice anything different????

How about now??????

These are the scissors, he had hiding under the pillows with him.

See how close he got to his scalp??? He is lucky he didn't cut his head. I should also mention these scissors have been missing FOREVER. Today I went down and cleaned in under and around everything so that the basement could finally be really really clean. Guess I should have just let things be. I didn't even see these while I was cleaning.

Chris got home 15 minutes after this happened, so he was able to shave Owen's head

He had to shave it with no guard, that's how close Owen got.

Yeah, not so funny!

move shaving

Introducing our new son Owen. Hairless boy as he is now known. j/k

Luckily he is still super cute. I should also mention that after he did this, he was super upset. I made him go look in the mirror and he was devastated that he cut his curls off and that we would have to take the rest off. He was so upset in fact, that we gave him his new cowboy hat we were saving for Christmas. I will take a picture of him in it tomorrow, he got it just before bed, so I forgot. But yup folks, cut your hair in this house and you get an early Christmas present. blah!!!!

Couple cakes I made recently

This is just a couple cakes I made recently. The first one was a birthday cake for a friend. I just iced the cake in buttercream and covered the outside with kit kats and then laid m & m's on top. The second was a wedding cake for a friends sister. That one I sent in pieces, but I did have to put a few flowers on it the night be fore and stack it just to make sure it was going to work, so I decided to take a picture, even though it isn't the final final result, close though. The flowers I made with fondant.


One day, not too long ago, it was a day like any other day, I got the kids their supper, we had prayer, then I went and got my plate. I turned the corner into our dining room to find this. I was stunned, unable to move for a minute. Then I laughed and ran for my camera. Took a couple pictures and then Owen informed me he was eating supper like spiderman, because, of coarse, he is spiderman.

Ezra's 8 months old

I am so in love with this little guy. He army crawls around the room and mixes it with rolling and he can get anywhere and anything he wants in seconds. I need to get the video camera out tomorrow and do some Ezra videoing. He is making strange and just prefers his mom. If he is playing happily I have to sneak away and then make sure he doesn't see me, or he will scream for me until I come back. So I often sneak off and clean and just avoid him knowing I am close. Out of sight out of mind I guess, but once in his sights, there is no hope. But I do enjoy hanging out with him as much as I can. He can also get up on his hands and feet and sticks his butt in the air, it is so cute. He really loves Penny our Chihuahua, but she avoids his grabs at all cost. hahaha

I had to put him in his bumbo for awhile, cuz he just wants to move around so much. He especially likes to grab my camera.

LOVE these crazy smiles!!!

again, I just can't get enough of his crazy smiles, they make me laugh every time I see them.

hmmmm duck....good!!

he loves cars and trucks, this one is so cool cuz it is soft rubber so he can chew away without getting hurt.

Kisses from Penny!

Owen's stitches

On September 20th, Owen was playing in the backyard. He all the sudden ran in screaming, he was bleeding from his chin. I ran him into the bathroom, took one look and new I had to go to the ER. Sadly Chris was in Fort McMurray working. So I frantically tried to find someone who could come and be with the rest of the kids. Second call was successful and I left to the ER for our long long wait. Owen was the 7th in line for stitches, and that line was moving very very slow. We got there around 210pm. Waited until 610 to get in a room. There the resident and the nurse didn't think he would need stitches (I only waited in the ER cuz the nurse there said he would need them) It took an hour for them to freeze his cut with some liquid stuff so they could clean it, and then clean it out and bandage him up. We spent most of that hour waiting for them to figure things out. An other nurse actually came at the end and rushed cleaned his wound and sent us home saying she talked to the doctor. We got home just before 630pm. As soon as I walked in the door, the kids said the phone was for me. It was Chris, the hospital called his cell (mine died in the waiting room) and said I needed to take Owen back, cuz the doctor hadn't looked at him yet. blah!!! By then it was just the kids at home. So I assigned the older ones a younger one to get ready and into bed, including leaving Ezra this time, he was so done with hospital waiting, and headed back to the ER. Luckily the nurse that sent me home saw us and took us straight to a room. There was a mix up and she talked to the wrong doctor and that doctor thought she was talking about some other patient. So they were all very happy I brought him back. We only had to wait a short while for the doctor and he said he did indeed need stitches. I had to hold Owens feet, the nurse held his arms and the resident held his head, while the doctor injected the freezing. Owen screamed bloody murder like you wouldn't believe. He was so tired from screaming and trying to wiggle free, that he almost fell asleep while the doctor was putting in his three stitches. Finally got home around 715pm. crazy!!!!

***WARNING*** ~~~ if you want to see the pictures, you do so at your own risk!!!


here you can actually see fatty tissue.

this is our first time at the ER and waiting in the room

pretty boring I tell you

he did actually push the button, crazy kid!

outside the hospital after they sent us home the first time.

the second time at the hospital, he isn't too happy to be back

before stitches

and after, sorry it is a bit blurry, but there are three stitches