Saturday, April 26, 2008

My second Wedding Cake

This is the wedding cake I made for my cousin Alex. I think it turned out really nice. It was a pretty simple cake. I just love how pretty it is.

This is Alex and her husband Joe. This is like 11pm the night before they got married. Who needs to go to bed early the night before their wedding anyways? hehehe

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Skater cake

So I wanted to make my sister in law Laura and skateboard cake, but wanted something different. So this is what I came up with. The characters are Laura, my brother Kipp and their baby Asher. All skateboarding on some stairs, that is Laura going down the rail.

After a short bit, the rail could no long hold Laura up, so we took it down and moved Laura to the sidewalk.

Kipp decided to have some fun with the cake after they cut into it and ate some of the cake. This is death by skateboarding I guess. hehehe

Kipp decapitated and Asher smiling while doing a wicked move on his board. HAHAHA!!!!

We made it

Well we made it to moms safely. It took us just over 7 hours. So really long drive, especially for the little ones. The roads had areas where snow had been blown on it, and then it was wet and semis would splash us so bad I could barely see. We stopped in Red Deer so I could clean the windshield. So we did that, everyone had a bathroom break, then the van wouldn't start. I had to ask someone to give us a boost. So out of my comfort zone and I felt like it was such a horrible thing, but int he end it wasn't and we were on our way 40 minutes later. Chris had left the van door open the night before so we boosted the van that morning and ran it for about 2 hours or more. Then it had been shut off for an hour and a half. When it was time to go the van started no problem, then we drove for 2 hours. So I am not exactly sure why the battery failed, as I haven't had any problems since, but there must have been a reason why we needed to be delayed 40 minutes. About 10 minutes after we set of again, the highway was closed and we had to take a detour. So I am thinking since that part of the road was so bad they had to close it, and if I didn't have the 40 minutes delay, we would have been on that stretch. It had only been shut down about 10 minutes or so when we go there. Also I never had a problem seeing out my windshield after that either. Normally I never would have stopped in Red Deer, as we like to go a lot further before we take a rest break. But that's what happened, and I guess we will never know. I took a picture of one of the wheels in Red Deer. It is pretty cool with the ice. There were vehicles that had so much slush build up (and it would instantly freeze) that it went right down to the road from the bottom of their cars. It was cool to see. At our second stop I had to smash off all the build up because when I turned I could hear the wheels scrapping on the ice. yikes!!! Anyways, here are a couple pictures of the tire.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wish me luck!!

I am headed down to my parents tomorrow. All by myself, with 10 children. So not necessarily alone, just the only parent trying to drive and keep ten kids happy. And to make my trip even more fun, this is what our weather is like.

It was so warm here, no snow in site, then all the sudden, SNOW!!!!! This is what it looks like out my front door. And it is supposed to snow the whole time I am gone, AND the snow gets worse the closer I get to my moms. But I must go, I have my cousins wedding cake to make. I am praying for good roads. We leave at noon tomorrow.

What you can't see in these pictures is that it is still snowing, and it isn't going to stop for days!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Red Van Cake

We are truly truly blessed.

Last Summer on a trip down to my parents house, alone with 8 children, our big blue van died completely. Things had gotten so hot under the hood, that it melted parts of the transmission and motor. It was going to cost way more to fix than the van was worth. So we gave it to the wreckers and called it a day. It was a bit sad, as we only had it for 18months and it cost us $10,500. I really don't feel like we got our money's worth, that's for sure.

So we had been dealing with only having Chris's truck that seats 5 and Peggy was nice enough to let us use her mini van whenever we needed. So if we wanted to take the whole family somewhere, we had to take 2 vehicles. There are a few trips down to my parents coming up and so we were starting to think of what we could do to get another vehicle that fit us all.

Our Bishop new we didn't have a family vehicle and he had talked to a brother in our ward, also in the bishopric. He had a 15 passenger van that they we no longer using. This family is so wonderful and they just gave us the van. What a blessing. And as if that wasn't miracle enough, another brother in our ward, did the mechanic report and the small amount of repairs for free. He even changed the oil for us. We just had to buy the parts that were needed. I already made an Easter cake for the guy that did the fixing, and a jello dessert. He and his sons have some major sweet teeth, so I knew they would love it. But I still wanted to do something for the family that gave us the van. How do you thank and repay someone for giving you a vehicle, and not just a vehicle, but one that fits us all and makes life a bit easier. Other than committing to being more award of the needs of people around me and helping where the Lord needs, there isn't much. But I do have a skill for cakes, so today I made a HUGE big red van cake as a giant yummy thank you. I hope they enjoy it.

It must be Spring!!!!!

Saturday April 12th, we were having such warm weather, the kids and I headed out to the backyard to get it all cleaned up for Spring. We started a fire and got all the extra wood burned. We also got flower beds ready and got rid of any garbage or toys that needed to be cleaned. We kept seeing ladybugs, they were everywhere, tons of them. Finally while we were playing on and around the tree, we noticed where they were all coming from. There we so many lady bugs all over the trunk of the tree. It was so neat to see clusters of lady bugs. I of coarse got my camera and took a few pictures.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Owen's 3rd birthday!!!

Oh my how time flies. My little guy is 3. He is all potty trained and big as can be!!!! He looked through my cake books and wanted the dragon cake and the dinosaur cake. I was only going to make the dragon cake, but decided that I would surprise him with both. And he loves the fondant icing, so he enjoyed eating their heads, which were 100% fondant. We just had a family party, which is a major party in itself since he has so many siblings!!!