Friday, November 21, 2008

Feliz cumpleaƱos

We are friends with a family from Mexico. Jaime (himay) Gabby and Brandon. Gabby and Brandon both just joined Jaime here in September. It is so nice that they are together again. Brandon had his 5th birthday on the 20th, so I made him a cake and we had a little party here. It was nice.

spiderman cake

I guess it is a Mexican tradition to smash the birthday persons face in their cake. Brandon did not want to sit next to the cake for pictures he was so worried we were going to smash his face in it. It was so funny. What a crazy tradition.

opening gifts

all the kids that were there (three of our girls were singing with their school choir for the tree lighting ceremony)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reminder video

I received this link to a video in my email. I finally had a second to watch it this morning. I cried my eyes out. I encourage all to click the link and watch. Enjoy.

click here to watch

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jensen Halloween

Well, we had a pretty good Halloween at the Jensen home. Chris didn't have to work, but he did help someone in our ward move, and then went and helped someone else in our ward roof a quonset. So he showed up just in time to take the little ones trick or treating. We started the day carving pumpkins. I just let the kids go at it! They had fun and shared their pumpkins so well. I washed and baked the seeds for a yummy snack we all had through out the rest of the day.

I had to put this one in. You will see Zipporah again, but she is playing with pumpkin guts and thought it was oh so fun!!!!!! Way opposite of Sydney and they worked on their pumpkin together so it was quite humorous to watch them both.

Here are the kids digging in.









And here is Sydney. Her face says it all. It truly was extremely funny!!! I was laughing quite a bit.

And here is more of the kids digging in.

Group shot again
So after a long afternoon of waiting it was time to get dressed up for the trick or treating part of our day. Sadly I got a call the afternoon before saying Tia and JJ would be having a visit Halloween night, so they are not in pictures. I never saw them in costume either. They went trick or treating with their mom, which is good, but I was not to impressed about having to be home when they got picked up and got dropped off and the short notice, but that is for another day.
I thought it funny how almost all of them wanted black eyes and white faces. I should have bought more white make-up, but I didn't know that ahead of time. The older 4 went out around the neighbourhood alone while Chris took the younger 4 door to door. When they all came home I took Forrest, Daisy, Lynnette, Abigail, Zipporah across town to an area of nicer homes and cal de sacs with lots of houses in each. So they ended up doubling their candy. Owen came too, but he stayed in the van with me and kept me company. Chris stayed home so someone could be here when JJ and Tia got home.

Here is the scary crew. Note our dog in front facing the kids. She sure is a tiny dog.

Zipporah (witch)

Owen (spiderman)

Lynnette (vampire)

Daisy (she devil)

Sydney (witch)

Calliope (unicorn)

Abigail (zombie Cinderella or something)

Forrest (wizard, but he didn't want to wear the hat)

Another group shot!