Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ezra is 2!!

So crazy my baby is two! Ezra is still my calm peaceful boy. Actually probably my most calm and peaceful child. He is a joy to watch and he brings me joy. We had just a family party. Grandma and Grandpa Boehme came, as well as Grandpa Jensen and Grandma K. Tate and Felisha and Khyrum also came to celebrate. Pizza for supper, cake and then presents. Ezra loved getting presents. For his cake i made him a cute monkey sitting on a huge pile of bananas. He loved it!! He liked it so much when I was taking pictures of him and the cake, he would keep turning it so the monkey was looking at him. LOL!!!

blowing candles out with daddy

present time!

and the goody bag each of the kids got!

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