Thursday, March 17, 2011

Owen cut his hair yet again!!!! grrrrrrrr

Not sure why Owen keeps cutting his hair, but enough already, I've had enough!!!! This time I sent the kids to get dressed while I finished getting ready for school. When I went in their room I found Calliope and Owen in the top bunk and Owen said Calliope gave him the scissors. Oh my goodness!! I have no time for this. He told me several times, in fact, that it was Calliopes fault because she gave him the scissors. LOL!!! Poor boy had to go to school with hair like this because I needed to get to school. Luckily our next door neighbour is a hair dresser and she had time that evening to fix his hair. Sorry I don't have any after pictures, I was sure I took during pictures but can't locate them, I will add them later if I do find them.

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