Thursday, March 17, 2011

Calliope is 4!!!

Calliope is such a little angel!!! I love her to pieces. Her sense of humor and loveliness is great to witness. We just had family over for her birthday. My parents Tate and Kipp and their families, Chris's dad and step mom. It was delightful for her. She loved her cake and each of her presents. When we gave her her bike, she was so amazed she was stunned. We had to convince her it was for her and she could barely believe it. When she finally believed us she was so so happy!! It was funny to watch. She is so cute! Sometimes it is hard to take in how fast time really goes. Her first four years flew by for me. I hope the next four don't go by so fast. ( but I am sure they will seem to go by even faster than the first four)

Tate taking a top picture of the cake

top view of the cake

Lady bug cake. It was so adorable

Lady bug close up

Loves her cake!

Happy Birthday to you!

Blowing out the candles

Present time!!!

YAY!!! I new bike!!!!!

test driving it.

totally have to keep the helmet on at all times now!!! hehehe

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