Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sharing my bed again

Chris is moving home. We have become closer and closer and are really great friends again and decided we can continue to work on things together while living in the same home. It is nice to have him next to me while I sleep again. My bed felt so empty and without him next to me at night, reality often slapped me in the face. But even though he is moving back home for now, he has taken a job up in Slave Lake and will be home only about once a month. Its a great job and a great opportunity and we will be able to be debt free by end of September or October and eventually we will work on being closer in distance again. Things are still tough but we are doing our best and really focusing on being best friends and making sure whatever choices we make, that the kids stay first in our minds and we do what is best for them. Chris is a great dad, a great man. I am happy he is home.


Byazinha Palhaçinha ... said...

Caraca Não acredito ke isso tudo são seus filhos..?é mesmo!!<><><>

Kevin said...

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Loving Husband said...

Wow, its good to see a family of 11 and God bless you.