Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

New Years Eve was spent with the kids, and my brother Kipp, his wife and 2 boys, Asher and Tige. Lots of dancing and food!!!! Chris stopped by for a little while. He worked a bit late and then had to work early the next morning so he was only with us for about an hour. Kipp and Laura made pizza and I made tons of apps and we ate and danced and later played some games.

Laura prepping the pizza

this is phase one of the food!

diggin in

more phase 1 of the food

Kipp and Laura more pizza prep

whats better than Mr. Potato head!


thumb wars I think

phase 2 desserts!


the PIZZA!!! so good!

more desserts

round 3

sampling snails in garlic butter in little bread bowls. no one really liked them!